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Twistd Wishes Entertainment & Talent

Sincerely Twistd

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Twistd Wishes is an alternative modelling referral service created by the lovely Mistress Taryn. This community was created for those that want to be kept up to date about whats going on within the service, i.e. events, group shoots, new talent, and things like that. Also, if you want to be part of our Twistd Family, you can contact the representative for your state or Mistress Taryn herself.

A few rules:
1. Be nice. No badmouthing any photos/models/photographers. Constructive observations are allowed, but no blatent insults, i.e. "You're fat!" "You have an ugly face!" or anything like that.

2. Don't be stuck up. It's unattractive and just plain not cool.

3. If you're posting a picture, fine, but f you're posting more than one or the one you're posting is huge, please use a cut. If you don't know how to do a cut, go here. If you're posting more than one picture and they aren't giant, you may post one teaser pic.

4. Please don't post any ad's for other communitys unless its approved by a moderator first. If you ask and the ad is rejected and you post anyway, you will be banned. No questions asked. You may post ad's for ebay auctions, as long as they relate to modeling and photography. Any ebay ad that doesn't relate to those two things will be deleted and you will be given a warning. If you do it three times, you're going to be banned.

5. Have fun. I refuse to run a community that isn't fun and friendly. Yes we all look a bit scary at times, but we're not that bad.