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Hello all!!

posted from the Newsletter....

I'm trying to start a new project to be in conjunction with Twistd Talent.

I want to get a group of female models that can sing, dance, or has another amazing talent. Their job will be to get together at rock shows, promote this agency and the bands and much more. I also want to work on making this kinda like a pussy-cat dolls thing. Singers, dancers, models...all together. I also plan on having a couple of our normal models moonlight in the events and promotion. It'll be a fun way to spend our time and you'll also get to see more of me. This group will be very close-knit, and if possible I want to arrange stuff like this for each state. We'll probably be meeting twice a month. I thought I would let you guys in on this before trying to find models through other sites.
If you are interested and live close to the New Brunswick/ Highland Park area in NJ (or can travel from where you are) please let me know. If you can travel from NY that'll be cool to.

-Mistress Taryn

While the site looks a little glum...
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